X-ray thickness gauges

The radiometric gauges from Vollmer operate contact-free and measure from a safe distance. They are characterised by their extremely lean design: With some systems the C-frame is only 120 mm wide.

X-ray gauge

The X-ray systems from Vollmer have digital detectors which give them extremely low noise values. Vollmer supplies the systems with high-quality ceramic tubes and the necessary cooler
The isotope systems also have digital detectors. A particular feature of the Vollmer systems is that the radiation source is located in a special tungsten drawer that can be easily removed from the gauge.
X ray thickness gaugesX ray thickness gauges
X ray thickness gauges
Alloy compensation is made either in the classic manner using calibration plates or alternatively at the computer according to the customer's chemical alloy analysis or simply with a small contact thickness gauge that measures the absolute thickness at the start of the pass and transmits this value to the radiometric thickness gauge.

Flexible integration

The PLC S7-based control of the C-frame offers all the advantages of an open system and flexible integration into the existing automation environment. Vollmer uses sturdy industrial PCs for the evaluation of the measured values.