Slitting: The Critical Process Defining Product Excellence

In modern manufacturing, precision is paramount, and slitting plays a crucial role. This process involves cutting large rolls into precise strips, impacting final product quality. Explore the complexities of slitting, from measurable aspects like burr height to factors influencing edge perfection. Mastering slitting is key to achieving manufacturing excellence.

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The Critical Role of Precision Measurement Systems in Industrial Environments 

In the realm of industrial operations, the accuracy of measurement systems is not merely a matter of precision; it is the backbone of quality, efficiency, and safety. Precision measurement systems are indispensable in ensuring that products meet exact specifications, regulatory compliance, and customer expectations. As industries evolve with technological advancements, the demand for sophisticated and reliable measurement systems has never been more critical. This article delves into the importance of precision measurement in industrial settings, the consequences of inaccuracies, and a look at the cutting-edge measurement devices offers to meet these challenges. 

Precision Measurement in an Industrial Environment 

Precision measurement systems serve a fundamental role in various sectors, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and electronics, to name a few. These systems are crucial for verifying dimensions, alignments, and other critical parameters that define the quality and functionality of a product. In an era where the margin for error continues to narrow, the implementation of advanced measurement technologies ensures that products are not only built to last but also comply with international quality standards. Moreover, precision measurement aids in process optimization, reducing material waste and enhancing production efficiency, thereby contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices.

A Look at Different Measurement Devices from 

At Vollmer we are in the forefront of providing innovative precision measurement devices tailored for the industrial sector. Their range encompasses a variety of systems designed to enhance accuracy and quality across manufacturing processes. Here's a closer look at some of the key measurement systems available: 
  • Strip Shape Measurement Systems: These systems are essential for assessing the shape of metal strips, a critical quality parameter in various industries. Vollmer's offerings include BFI measuring rolls which are integral for ensuring optimal strip shape. 
  • Thickness Measurement Systems: Vollmer's comprehensive suite of thickness measurement solutions includes the VTLG laser thickness gauge along with X-ray and contact measuring systems. These tools are lauded for their precision in measuring the exact thickness of metal strips, thereby guaranteeing product quality. 
  • Roll Measurement Systems: Vollmer provides advanced solutions like the VSL/VSS for fully automatic roll measurement during dressing on the grinding machine. Additionally, traversable straddle gauges are available for offline measurement, enabling precise assessments of roll form, diameter, roundness, and eccentricity. 
  • Contact Thickness Gauges: These gauges are celebrated for their precision and reliability in measuring strip thickness. They play a pivotal role in new plant measurement technologies where high precision is a fundamental requirement. 
  • Automatic Gauge Control (AGC): AGC technology is pivotal in automatically regulating the thickness or gauge of materials, such as metal sheets or strips, during processing. This ensures a consistent target thickness is maintained throughout the production cycle, enhancing overall product quality. 
By integrating these technologies, industries can achieve unparalleled accuracy in product specifications, thereby enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and fostering a culture of quality and precision. 


The importance of precision measurement systems in industrial environments cannot be overstated. As industries continue to push the boundaries of innovation and quality, the role of accurate measurement becomes increasingly pivotal.'s commitment to providing advanced measurement devices underscores the necessity of precision in sustaining industrial excellence and competitiveness. Embracing these technologies is not just an investment in measurement systems but in the future of manufacturing itself, ensuring that industries can meet the challenges of today and the demands of tomorrow. 

Introducing the VRWSP 900 Strip Width and Strip Position Measurement System with Distance Measurement. is excited to present the VRWSP 900 system, a revolutionary solution in the realm of precision strip width and strip position measurements. This cutting-edge system is equipped with advanced radar technology, seamlessly combining a transmitter and receiver antenna, harnessing millimeter-wave technology akin to the infrastructure of 5G cellular networks. Its exceptional versatility, wide frequency range, and precise beam focusing position it at the forefront of precision measurement technology.

What distinguishes the VRWSP 900 is its remarkable capability to accurately identify metal strips while remaining impervious to interference from other materials. Even in the presence of electrically conductive liquids, the system's precision remains unwavering. It exclusively detects metal strips with reflective edges, making it the perfect choice for a broad spectrum of strip width and strip position measurement applications.

The measurement process begins at a distance of 250 mm from the sensor window, a distance that is fully customizable, ensuring pinpoint accuracy even when metal strips are in close proximity. For strip widths of 0.2 mm, the measurement endpoints are situated at approximately 700 mm from the sensor window, while for a width of 0.05 mm, they are positioned around 550 mm from the sensor. The system offers a total width measurement range of 900 mm, with the flexibility to tailor it to custom width ranges, designed to meet your specific requirements.
What truly sets the VRWSP 900 apart is its exceptional ability to accommodate variations in the passline, even up to 20 mm, with only a minimal impact on the indicated strip width. This adaptability to address variations in the distance from the sensor to the strip edge positions it as a remarkable choice for strip width and strip position measurement systems. When precision is of utmost importance, the VRWSP 900 system stands as the unrivaled solution, setting new standards in the realm of industrial technology.

Burr height measurement system

New offline burr height measurement system is launched.  

VTLG Laser thickness gauge

Design for rolling mill conditions, now with 4 different thickness ranges.
0,003 - 2 mm
0,015 - 6 mm
0,1 - 12 mm
0,1 - 30 mm