BFI Shape Meter Roll

Introducing the BFI Shape Meter Roll 

This specialized innovation developed in collaboration with VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI), our BFI Shape Meter Rolls are meticulously crafted to excel in the measurement of diverse metal strip attributes throughout processing. Engineered with precision, these rolls are designed to thrive even in dynamic operational settings, ensuring impeccable measurements. 

Precision in Action: Tailored for applications involving metal strips, our Shape Meter Rolls are optimized for speeds exceeding 5 meters per minute. This makes them an ideal fit for high-speed processing lines, where accuracy is paramount for upholding product excellence. 

Adaptable to Your Needs: Our solution accommodates metal strips with thicknesses equal to or surpassing 0.005 mm. Furthermore, the roll's capacity to handle varying strip tensions is determined by its diameter and width, offering adaptability across different strip dimensions. 

Innovative Measurement Approach: At the core of our technology lies the utilization of piezoelectric load sensors strategically positioned across the strip's width within the axial bores of the roll. These sensors yield precise insights into the distribution of strip tension as it traverses the BFI Shape Meter Roll. 

Flexible Measurements, Uncompromising Precision: Equipped with three switchable measurement ranges, our Shape Meter Roll adapts seamlessly to different processing scenarios. The remarkable 0.1 I-unit measurement resolution ensures that the intricacies of strip characteristics are captured with unparalleled accuracy. 

Consistency Under Pressure and Heat: Our Shape Meter Roll boasts exceptional accuracy, maintaining measurement discrepancies below 2 I-units. Designed to withstand environments reaching up to 180°C, it thrives in diverse processing temperatures. 

Optimal Sensor Performance: The integrated load sensors are meticulously designed for superior performance. Their minimal linearity, clocking in at less than 0.3%, ensures data reliability. With load capacity spanning from 72 to 144 kN and hysteresis below 0.5%, these sensors, boasting a rigidity of 9 kN/µm, are instrumental in achieving pinpoint measurements. 

Precision in Structure: Our roll's design features axial bores meticulously housing the load sensors. The roll surface, forged from hardened steel (58 HRC+3) and ground meticulously, can also be tailored with special coatings for specific applications. The arrangement of bores is governed by the strip's wrap angle, with differing angles dictating bore configurations. 

A Tailored Solution:

At Friedrich Vollmer Skandinavien, our comprehensive system harmonizes advanced sensor technology, unwavering measurement precision, adaptable design, and a plethora of customization possibilities to cater to the dynamic requisites of metal strip processing.
Bfi ShapeBfi Shape
Bfi Shape
Capturing Every Detail: The measuring zone's width, typically set at 26 and 52 mm, offers versatility in data capture. The 1° angle resolution furnishes accurate information on the strip's position. 

Engineered for Excellence: Ranging from diameters of 200 to 500 mm, our Shape Meter Rolls are attuned to various specifications. Adjustments to roll body width align with the roll diameter, while PROFIBUS DP and Ethernet (TCP/IP) interfaces facilitate seamless data transmission and communication. The inclusion of digital and analog inputs and outputs further enhances the system's adaptability. 

Robust Performance and Protection: Operational within a supply voltage range of 110-230 V AC at 50-60 Hz, with a 2 kW installed load, our Shape Meter Roll system holds an IP65 protection rating, rendering it suitable for a range of environments.
Unwavering Connectivity and Conditions: Functional within temperatures of 0-45°C for the gauge and 5-35°C for the control cabinet, the system maintains operational integrity within relative humidity levels up to 95%. Optical and digital data transmission, along with extended cable lengths using intermediate terminal boxes, ensure seamless connectivity. 

Empowering Insights and Accessories: Outputting measured values per roll revolution via a roll rotary signal transmitter, the evaluation computer, leveraging CompactPCI technology, offers user interfaces, statistical analyses, and immersive 3D graphics. Additional accessories like transport lifting beams, grinding adapters, and calibration devices enhance measurement instrument capabilities. 

Customize Your Solution: Our Shape Meter Rolls present a gamut of optional features for elevated functionality. From shape control encompassing saddle adjustment, shifting, bending, cooling, to patented partition systems for wedge strip measurements, our offerings are diverse. Innovative options like radar based width and position detection, complete drive control systems, and a variety of surface coatings including chrome, tungsten carbide, and polyurethane, cater to specific needs. 

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