Burr Height

The Worlds First system for Accurate, Reliable and Fast Burr Height Measurement

​​​​Key challenge - Due to ever smaller form factors and the increasing importance of aesthetic issues in end-products, slitting line operators face ever tightening customer requirements concerning slitting quality. Traditional methods for measuring burr height are time-consuming and do not provide reliable measurement results.

Fast High-Accuracy Solution

The <1 μm accuracy of LCI technology provides a superior solution for non-contact burr height measurement in high-precision slitting. No alternative technology matches the performance in speed, accuracy and ease of use.


  • Line Confocal Scanner
  • EP Series
  • MP Series
  • Line Confocal Sensors

Key Benefits

  • No need for complex preparation of slitting samples
  • Immediate measurement results
  • Early and reliable detection of defects
  • Prompt control of quality standards
  • Saves costs and time
​​​​​​​The easy-to-use devices generate measurement reports, statistics and quality reports automatically. The profilers offer internal data storage as well as connection to the central data storage.

EP 100+ Burr Height

At Vollmer, we are proud to introduce the EP 100+ Burr Height measurement system, an advanced solution designed to meet the intricate demands of precision in metal processing.This system embodies our dedication to providing tools that enhance quality control and operational efficiency.
  • Completely mobile easy-to-move device
  • Length of slitting samples: 100 - 3000 mm or more
  • Maximum length of slitting samples: 1350 mm
  • EP SERIES burr height measurement systems determine from slitting samples: Burr height and Roll over depth
EP100 + Burr Height Measurement System –
a complete mobile easy-to-move device with no length limitation
Measuring head and onboard PC 
Setup window 
Compare several measurements under one coil

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