Rolling Mill Modernizations

Efficiency through modernization

Over 100 successfully completed projects worldwide.

With the combination of the understanding of the whole rolling process and the experience with modern control methods, we have implemented modernization solutions in many rolling mills that have significantly improved the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the production.

Rolling mill with strip shape and strip thickness control

For thickness control, for example, we convert mills from electric motor to servo-hydraulic screw down of the stands. We also replace pancake cylinders or the combination of spindle and hydraulic screw down with modern long-stroke cylinders. Vollmer has already modernized mills with a rolling force of 3,000 t.

For the modernization of the shape control system, too, Vollmer offers complete solutions through to the control and modification of the adjusting elements.

One example of individual customer solutions is that as part of rolling mill modernizations for wedge-shaped strips, we use the inlet-side shape measuring rolls as pivoting rolls for strip centering control. The flatness computer receives the input signals for this from the strip edge detection unit that forms part of the scope of supply. All the control algorithms in a mill – thickness, shape and centering control – thus use the same compact PCI.
Rolling mill modernizationsRolling mill modernizations
Rolling mill modernizations

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