VRWSP 900 - Strip Width and Strip Position Measurement System utilizing radar technology for distance measurement

The VRWSP 900 system, equipped with advanced radar technology, offers a robust solution for precise strip width and strip position measurements. This cutting-edge system combines a transmitter and receiver antenna, harnessing millimeter-wave technology similar to that used in 5G cellular networks. Its versatile frequency range and precise beam focusing enable it to cover extensive measurement ranges with unparalleled accuracy.

A standout feature of the VRWSP 900 is its exceptional precision in detecting the position of metal strips while remaining unaffected by other materials. Even in the presence of electrically conductive liquids, the system's accuracy remains uncompromised. It exclusively identifies metal strips with reflective edges, making it an ideal choice for various strip width and position measurement applications.
The measurement process begins at a distance of 250 mm from the sensor window, and this distance is fully adjustable, ensuring precise measurements even in the presence of metal strips. The measurement endpoints are approximately 700 mm from the sensor window for a strip width of 0.2 mm and around 550 mm from the sensor for a width of 0.05 mm. The total measurement width range is 900 mm, with the flexibility to accommodate custom width ranges based on your specific requirements.
The VRWSP 900 adeptly handles variations in the passline of up to 20 mm, with only a minor impact on the indicated strip width. This ability to adjust for variations in the distance from the sensor to the strip edge makes it an outstanding choice for strip width and position measurement systems.

Key Features of VRWSP 900 Strip Width and Strip Position Measurement System:
  • Detection start point: 250 mm (adjustable)
  • Detection endpoints: 700 mm (0.2 mm width), 550 mm (0.05 mm width)
  • Total width measurement range: 900 mm (custom widths available)
  • Maximum passline variations: 20 mm
Applications for VRWSP 900 Strip Width and Strip Position Measurement System:
  • Ideal for high mill applications
  • Suitable for a thickness range of 0.3 – 8 mm
  • Capable of measuring strip widths as low as 0.05 mm at a maximum sensor distance of 550 mm
  • Suited for strip widths ranging from 900 - 1600 mm
  • Ideally used in environments with strip temperatures of up to 180°C
  • A reliable choice for processing lines requiring strip width and position measurements near deflector rolls or guide rolls
  • An excellent solution for diameter measurements in coil mills, especially in situations where optical systems face challenges
Vollmer is your trusted partner for precision strip width and strip position measurement systems, leveraging radar technology to deliver accuracy and efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications.