Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)

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Automatic Gauge Control is a technology used across diverse industrial processes to automatically regulate the thickness or gauge of materials being processed, such as metal sheets or strips.The primary objective of AGC is to consistently uphold a desired target thickness throughout the entire production process.

AGC Ensures Your Production  

AGC serves as a effectively mitigates variations in thickness caused by factors such as equipment wear, temperature fluctuations, material properties, and process instabilities. By consistently maintaining the desired thickness, AGC significantly enhances product quality, minimizes material waste, and optimizes production efficiency. AGC plays a vital role in ensuring consistent and accurate thickness control, thereby enabling the production of high-quality materials for various industrial purposes.

An AGC system typically comprises the following components

  • Thickness Measurement: Sensors or gauges are utilized to measure the thickness of the material being processed.

  • Control Algorithms: AGC systems incorporate advanced control algorithms that analyze the thickness measurements and calculate the necessary adjustments required to maintain the desired gauge.

  • Actuators: The AGC system interfaces with actuators responsible for implementing the required adjustments to regulate the material thickness.
  • Feedback Loop: The AGC system operates in a closed-loop manner, continuously monitoring the material thickness, comparing it with the target thickness, and making adjustments as necessary.

Why You Should Choose Vollmer

The high-speed servo-hydraulic control of the mill screwdown closes the loop:
The thickness values measured precise to the micrometer form the basis for quick and precise control.

Vollmer offers solutions for all control concepts from simple feedback control through to complete mass flow control, skin pass control etc, supplying the complete control system – from the sensors through the control technology right up to the hydraulics and the cylinder – from a single source.
For our customers that means having just one contact partner.
​​​​​​​In short: A one-stop solution


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