VTLG – Laser Thickness Gauge

The new standard for precision and speed

VTLG with large measuring depth

With the new VTLG Series laser based thickness measuring systems, Vollmer is giving strip thickness measurement new impetus: They combine the highest precision with rolling mill-oriented design. Thanks to their unique measuring method, they are suitable for use in cold rolling mills. With a measuring precision of ± 1 µm and scanning rate of 50 kHz, the laser based thickness gauge offer the precision and speed necessary for the control of the strip thickness.
VTLG Laser based thickness gaugeVTLG Laser based thickness gauge
VTLG Laser based thickness gauge
VTLG front viewVTLG front view
VTLG front view

VTLG front view

VTLG systems are the only laser gauges to measure the strip thickness during rolling in the mill, thus opening up completely new possibilities in production and quality assurance for our customers.
Similar to our contact gauges, they measure the thickness irrespective of the alloy – ideal preconditions for use in the rolling mill, but also on the annealing line, in the finishing section, on the strip edge miller or in the steel service center.

Simple and safe

An automatic air cleaning system for the measuring window and beam path and the innovative temperature compensation ensure the highest precision even under difficult environmental conditions. As the lasers conform to laser protection class 3B, no additional beam protection guards are necessary.

The principle – The laser thickness measuring technology in detail

On the upper and lower sides of a C-frame is a compact measuring head which both transmits the measurement beam and receives the reflected light. Both sensors measure the distance from the strip surface from their perspective. The system then calculates the thickness of the strip from the measured distances and the distance between the two sensors.

VTLG with extended adjustment station

The fact that the two sensors operate absolutely synchronously contributes significantly to the high precision of the systems. They are integrated into a sturdy, compact C-frame that moves out of the line automatically at the end of the strip.
With an internal scanning rate of 50 kHz, the scalable analog output provides the input signal for the high-speed thickness control within milliseconds.

Permanently accurate

Every time the C-frame moves into or out of its parking position alongside the strip, the measuring system passes through the permanently installed adjustment station. The system thereby measures the inserted captive gauge blocks representing the whole measuring range of the respective application. The laser thickness gauge calibrates itself and makes any necessary corrections automatically. This ensures that the system measures accurately at all times.
VTLG with extended adjustment stationVTLG with extended adjustment station
VTLG with extended adjustment station

VTLG - Laser thickness gauge in harsh environment

Stainless steel mill :         Thickness : 0,15- 5 mm            Width : 800 – 1350                 Speed : 880 m/min  Strip temp : +150°C

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