Enhancing industrial precision with Vollmer's advanced measurement systems 

At Vollmer, we specialize in developing state-of-the-art measurement systems tailored for diverse industrial needs. Our expertise lies in offering a broad spectrum of systems designed to enhance precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes. From the intricate requirements of aerospace components to the robust demands of automotive manufacturing, Vollmer’s measurement systems are engineered to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Our commitment is to ensure that every industry we serve benefits from the unparalleled quality and technology that our systems provide. 

Utilization of measurement systems 

Utilizing measurement systems in your field of work can be crucial to keeping production at the highest quality. Here, we want to highlight both the application in the manufacturing sector and various other industries. 

The manufacturing sector, known for its complex processes and high-quality standards, greatly benefits from the integration of advanced measurement systems. Vollmer's state-of-the-art systems are tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of manufacturing, providing precision, efficiency, and quality assurance. Here's how our measurement systems transform manufacturing processes: 
  • Precision in production: In manufacturing, the accuracy of components is critical. Vollmer's Measurement Systems ensure that each part meets exact specifications, reducing the risk of errors and defects. This precision is vital for industries where the tolerances are extremely tight. 
  • Streamlining processes: By incorporating measurement systems, manufacturers can automate many aspects of the quality control process. This automation not only speeds up production but also ensures consistency across batches. Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing manufacturing lines, enhancing workflow efficiency. 
  • Material optimization: Measurement systems play a crucial role in material usage and waste reduction. By accurately measuring and monitoring materials during the production process, these systems help in optimizing the use of resources, leading to cost savings and environmental sustainability. 
  • Enhancing product quality: The integration of measurement systems in manufacturing processes directly translates to higher product quality. By continuously monitoring and adjusting processes, manufacturers can ensure that their products consistently meet the highest standards. 
  • Competitive advantage: In an industry driven by innovation and quality, having advanced measurement systems is a significant competitive advantage. These systems not only improve the end product but also enhance the manufacturer's reputation for quality and reliability. 
Incorporating Vollmer's measurement systems into manufacturing processes marks a commitment to excellence and innovation. As the manufacturing sector continues to evolve, these systems will play an increasingly vital role in maintaining competitiveness and meeting the high standards of modern industry. 
In industrial manufacturing, precision is paramount. Here measurement systems also play a crucial role in a multitude of industries, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and quality in production processes. Our systems are not just tools; they are integral components that drive innovation and excellence across various sectors. 
  • Automotive industry: In automotive manufacturing, precision is non-negotiable. Our systems ensure the exactness in the dimensions of car bodies, fenders, and doors. They play a vital role in the production line, from verifying the flatness and straightness of metal strips to ensuring the proper formation of critical components. This precision directly translates to safety and performance in the final automotive products. 
  • Electrical industry: In electrical applications, such as transformers and capacitors, the uniformity of metal strips is critical. Our measurement systems guarantee that these strips meet specific electrical standards, ensuring functionality and reliability in electrical components. 
  • Packaging industry: The packaging sector might seem less demanding, but the quality of materials like tin cans and aluminum foil is vital. Vollmer’s systems ensure that metal strips used in packaging are flawlessly flat and straight, contributing to the durability and quality of the final product. 
In each of these industries, Vollmer's measurement systems are not just improving production processes; they are essential in maintaining the high standards of quality and reliability that modern manufacturing demands. Our commitment to precision and excellence is evident in the wide range of industries we serve, making Vollmer a trusted partner in industrial measurement and quality control. 

Different kinds of measurement systems 

Vollmer’s expertise in the field of measurement technology is showcased through our diverse range of systems, each designed to meet specific industrial requirements. We offer strip shape, roll, thickness, levelness, straightness, camber, and surface measurement systems, along with roll grinding and dressing control systems, and overall strip quality control systems. Each system is crafted to ensure precision and accuracy in various aspects of industrial manufacturing. 
  • Strip shape measurement systems: Our systems like BFI measuring rolls and the Automatic Flatness Control (AFC) system, are pivotal in determining the shape of metal strips. These are essential for industries where the precision of metal strip shape is critical. 
  • Thickness measurement systems: As the only manufacturer offering the complete range of thickness measurement systems, including VTLG laser thickness gauge, X-ray and contact measuring systems, Vollmer stands out in ensuring the precise thickness of metal strips. 
  • Levelness measurement systems: The levelness of a strip surface is crucial for quality assurance in many manufacturing processes. Our levelness measurement systems are designed to accurately assess the topography of strip surfaces. 
  • Strip width and strip position measurement system: These systems are utilized to measure the strip width and strip position in cold rolling mills often in conjunction with strip shape measurement system. They are also utilized in processing lines for strip steering control of S-rolls ensuring that strip runs in a straight line through levellers, annealing sections etc.  
  • Burr height measurement system: An offline operator independent measurement system that ensures an overall quality control of your slitting process by measuring cut out samples to verify that slitting knives are sharp without defects and has proper setting with respect to overlap and clearance. 
  • Camber measurement systems: Essential for leveling and edge trimming applications, these systems measure the deviation of a strip from a flat plane, ensuring the required flatness. 
  • Roll grinding measurement systems: These systems optimize the grinding process, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the strip shape. 
  • Roll Dressing Control Systems: By optimizing the dressing process, these systems maintain the accuracy of strip thickness. 
  • Overall Strip Quality Control Systems: Our comprehensive systems monitor and control every aspect of the strip manufacturing process, ensuring adherence to quality standards from raw material entry to the final product. 
Discover the precision and reliability that Vollmer's measurement systems bring to your industry. From automotive to industrial manufacturing, medical to electrical, our technology is the cornerstone of quality and efficiency. Explore our range of measurement solutions and find the perfect fit for your industrial requirements. And feel free to contact us for any questions.